Leading Korean Natural Gas Supplier Taps Utility Global for Low-Carbon Hydrogen Development

Oct 13, 2023

Major Korean company seeks to use the eXEROTM Technology Platform H2Gen mode to convert natural gas to high-purity, ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen 

HOUSTON, TX – October 13, 2023 – Utility Global, the only decarbonization technology company pioneering the eXEROTM technology platform optimized for hard-to-abate industry sectors, today announced that a leading Korean natural gas supplier signed a letter of intent to partner on developing a new line of hydrogen production for the company. The letter of intent (LOI) focused on exploring a better system for producing ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen to mitigate the business issues and inefficiencies of carbon capture specific to Korea. The partnership will also include a potential pilot plant in the Republic of Korea. 

As with other H2GenTM mode partnerships, the new company and Utility Global will collaborate on engineering for productization of Utility Global’s H2Gen mode. This collaboration will specifically focus on natural gas to hydrogen applications. The natural gas supplier had previously investigated hydrogen production options, including blue and green hydrogen technologies, but determined other available options to be either inefficient in production or too carbon intensive. Utility Global’s technology was chosen due to its unique ability to produce ultra-low carbon intense hydrogen without the need for electricity in the reactor process. 

The H2Gen modes reactor units are modular and highly customizable, designed to work with a myriad of different applications from steel manufacturing to petrochemical production to natural gas. Implementation of the platform is also extremely fast, taking only a matter of months as compared to most hydrogen production technologies that require upwards of two years. Due to the platform’s removal of both the need for renewable electricity and the complexity of existing hydrocarbon processes (while combining the benefits of both), it completely changes the economics and logistics of highly sustainable hydrogen.  

H2Gen Mode Benefits: 

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to no renewable electricity required, process simplicity and scale flexibility.
  • Utilize variable feedstocks and waste gases to decarbonize hard to abate sectors.
  • Onsite solution eliminates the need for transporting gases to site, reducing cost and reliability concerns for logistics, road safety issues and vehicle emissions.
  • Modular, shop-fabricated equipment design allows for plants to be deployed quickly, yet in a customer-specific configuration. 

“Hydrogen production systems need to be more adaptive than existing electrolyzer solutions to better fit the unique needs of disparate applications and different operational issues from country to country,” stated Claus Nussgruber, chief executive officer of Utility Global. “Our H2Gen mode of the eXERO technology platform is quickly gaining interest among customers in partnering on field demonstration plants due to its ability to be easily customized to any application and quickly implemented for highly flexible, cost-efficient, ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen production.”