Utility Global Accelerates Growth with Opening of New Headquarters Office in Houston

Apr 20, 2023

New space in the Houston Energy Corridor allows Utility Global to expand critical infrastructure, staffing and manufacturing capabilities 

HOUSTON, TX – April 20, 2023 – Utility Global, the only decarbonization technology company pioneering the eXEROTM technology platform optimized for hard to abate industry sectors, today announced the opening of new office space located in Houston, Texas to accommodate rapid growth, leverage the area’s diverse energy talent pool and free up existing space to expand on manufacturing capabilities. 

In addition to their existing manufacturing location in Houston, the new space significantly increases total Texas office space and will act as Utility Global’s new headquarters housing all executive, marketing and sales operations providing strategic development direction to all global locations.  

With the additional square footage, the original office space will now have critical space freed up for engineering and technical professionals as the company looks to rapidly scale production for global projects. The new HQ plans to house 15-20 people by the end of the year.

“On the heels of completing our pilot test and announcing our installation of a field demonstration facility, our expansion in the Houston Energy Corridor was a logical step in our growth strategy,“ stated Claus Nussgruber, chief executive officer of Utility Global. “The area is rich with diverse talent and leading companies in the energy transition industry. We have the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities in our engineering, manufacturing and customer-focused departments, as well as increase our ability to service current and future markets.”