Utility Global Continues To Advance on Multiple Fronts, Including the Build Out of Our Reactor Cell Manufacturing Line in Houston, Texas, Designed Specifically for Our Waste-Gas-To-Value Systems

Jul 17, 2023

We often say our systems are designed for the energy transition as opposed to existing technology being force fit to it. Just one example of our fit-for-purpose mindset is our design and construction of several coating units. These coating systems will apply our proprietary coatings to the ceramic substrate of our proprietary high-precision, high throughput solid oxide cells. These coating units were conceived, designed and built by our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams.

The coating units are one stage of our continuing expansion, as we rapidly build out our Energy Corridor manufacturing facility to produce solid oxide cells at scale. These cells, and the manufacturing of them at scale, are a key component to delivering on the promise of our eXEROTM technology to provide an affordable means of meeting both environmental and business objectives.

Paul Mathews, Director of Ceramic Manufacturing and Jesse Li, Research Engineer with a spray unit at Utility Global’s Advanced Technology Center in Denver, Colo.