Utility Global Partners with Colorado School of Mines for Accelerated Research Programs

Dec 13, 2023

Company leading net-zero hydrogen innovation taps R1 university for research expertise to continue accelerated go-to-market strategies 

HOUSTON, TX – December 13, 2023 – Utility Global, the only decarbonization technology company pioneering the eXEROTM technology platform optimized for hard-to-abate industry sectors, today announced the company will be partnering with the Colorado School of Mines R1 research university to support Utility Global’s rapidly advancing commercialization of product lines based on the eXERO platform. The partnership will bring together academic researchers and engineers from Utility Global’s Advanced Technology Center to collaborate on, and build unique expertise in, new testing and validation methods to advance time to market – giving Utility Global a significant competitive advantage. 


The team at the Colorado School of Mines, headed by Dr. Neal Sullivan and Dr. Carolina Herradon Hernandez, will leverage the Colorado Fuel Cell Center facility to enable a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms, and optimization of temperatures, atmospheres, and pressures. This strategic partnership will help ensure Utility Global not only brings to market the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions, but also the most market relevant, as the greatly accelerated testing and validation procedures will quickly filter out any strategic technology decisions that don’t immediately meet these goals. 


“Mines and the Colorado Fuel Cell Center are excited to partner with the R&D team at Utility Global to advance Utility’s unique eXERO technology,” stated Professor Neal Sullivan, director of the Colorado Fuel Cell Center. “Harnessing low-cost materials with robust design, eXERO boasts straightforward integration into hard-to-abate industrial subsectors to provide meaningful impact in CO2 mitigation and green-H2 production. We are delighted to harness the deep equipment base and trained research staff at the Colorado Fuel Cell Center to work with the team at Utility Global’s Advanced Technology Center in extending eXERO performance and range of applications.” 


The research programs will provide Utility Global access to advanced research equipment and a constant stream of highly specialized expertise for continuing advancements, while the Utility Global in-house teams focus on the core strategy of rapid commercial development. 


“This partnership allows us the unique opportunity for constant research and deep, innovative thinking that most companies traditionally don’t have,” stated Nigel McMullen, chief operating officer of Utility Global.  This will not only help us bring our innovations to market faster but will ensure they are the specific solutions the market most needs.”