DeLome Fair presents results from ongoing demonstration plant operations at the European Electrolyser and Fuel Cell Forum

Jul 2, 2024
Zero-electricity electrolytic reactor produces hydrogen
and syngas for onsite energy, fuel, and feedstocks.
Our innovative reactor is proving to be an attractive option for existing plant operations by
eliminating the need for significant electricity inputs and infrastructure.
With the ongoing demonstration plant phase, we are seeing groundbreaking
results in actual operating conditions. This plant is revolutionizing industries' understanding
of hydrogen production, offering a path to economic hydrogen production from waste
gases without external electricity.

The implications of our approach extend beyond operational efficiency. Our hydrogen
reactoris helping to steer industrial transformation towards net-zero,
facilitating carbon-neutral operations, and promoting sustainable practices. Furthermore,
the on-site production capability of the reactor allows for the establishment of localized
hydrogen supply chains, effectively addressing transportation and distribution challenges
and reducing associated costs.
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