Utility Global Hits New Manufacturing Milestone with the Opening of Denver Advanced Technology Center

May 10, 2023

Expansion into Colorado highlights Utility Global’s rapid growth and ever-increasing manufacturing and process design engineering capabilities



DENVER, CO – May 10, 2023  Utility Global, the only decarbonization technology company pioneering the eXEROTM technology platform optimized for hard-to-abate industry sectors, today announced the opening of the company’s new Advanced Technology Center located at 373 Inverness Pkwy in Denver. This new facility acts as a hub for research, innovation and process scale up for strategic focus areas including ceramic manufacturing, electrolysis cell performance and characterization testing, numerical simulation, and process design engineering. This new milestone marks a significant advancement for Utility Global to rapidly bring to market hyper-green hydrogen and syngas production solutions. It also serves to future proof the company in developing the most disruptive and feasible technologies in the decarbonization industry.



The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is Utility Global’s unique intersection of R&D and rapid commercialization – a true differentiator for the company, facilitating Utility Global’s ability to deliver practical decarbonization and hydrogen solutions in the near-term. The facility researches new analytical techniques and experimental approaches in the realm of H2 and CO technologies to better define performance and develop scalable solutions to address long-term production challenges in the field. Commercialization engineers in the facility build on the robustness of Utility Global’s research-oriented manufacturing capability, focusing on advancements in the variety of materials and cell geometries that keep the company at the forefront of the industry.

“Utility Global’s ATC increases the scale and efficiency of our manufacturing and production capabilities as we launch product globally. The extreme level of R&D conducted at the ATC  continues to keep Utility Global on the cutting edge of integrating the advantages of waste-gas to value into the operations of hard-to-abate industries. Simply stated, it streamlines our process of developing science into applied technology for the betterment of the environment and business,“ stated Claus Nussgruber, chief executive officer of Utility Global. “As we grow, it’s important we grow smartly – and our new Advanced Technology Center is that next smart growth step in a strategy for continued success and customer satisfaction.”  

With just under 20,000 square feet of manufacturing and advanced technologies/equipment space, the ATC double Utility Global’s existing total U.S. footprint. The new location will house upwards of 25 additional engineers and researchers by the end of 2023. The ATC is already actively seeking strong talent that wants to make a positive impact on the world and has open positions for Ceramic Engineers and Electrochemists. Interested parties can learn more by emailing