Utility Global Installs Ceramic Extruder at Its Advanced Technology Center

Dec 5, 2023

Utility Global continues to build out its Advanced Technology Center with equipment for the development and advancement of at-scale eXEROTM technology manufacturing operations

Utility Global is developing a ceramic extrusion process for the manufacturing of our eXEROTM ceramic cells. Extrusion has become a preferred method for the high-volume manufacturing of ceramics, due to improved product quality, low production costs and enhanced manufacturing efficiency needed to meet the scale and demands of our customers.

Our ceramic manufacturing capability at Utility Global’s Advanced Technology Center, in Denver, Colo., took a big step forward. We are showing the rapid production capability of ceramic extrusion with the installation and testing of our new 40 tonne ram extruder. The first tests showed the operational capabilities of the machine and the extrusion die. A pilot scale mixer and furnace are due for delivery in the coming weeks, completing the pilot scale manufacturing line. With the coating equipment already installed and the team in Houston developing the coating parameters, Utility Global will soon be able to demonstrate fully operational cells produced at manufacturing rates needed to meet future customer requirements.

In addition to producing cells from our current chemistries, the team at the ATC is building the capability to develop new chemistries and geometries for future reactor designs.

The Advanced Technology Center houses fundamental science, process development, and numerical simulations under one roof. Combining these teams with analytical and industrial equipment enables the ATC to translate customer requests, new ideas and discoveries quickly from concept to pilot scale faster than traditional R&D to manufacturing models. This further supports Utility Global’s commitment to deliver near-term energy transition solutions which meet business and environmental objectives.


The new extruder at Utility Global’s Advanced Technology Center in Denver, Colorado.