Revolutionizing Waste Gas Management: How Utility Global's eXEROTM Technology Is Turning a Huge Problem into a Huge Advantage

Jan 3, 2024

Understanding Traditional Waste Gas Management - Dealing with Emissions

Waste gas management, particularly in hard-to-abate industries, has traditionally centered on the flaring or capture and sequestration of emissions, while striving to meet environmental requirements. In some cases, captured waste gases are used as a source of heat. However, these conventional approaches often grapple with chemical complexities, challenging energy consumption and high operational costs. Moreover, they face inherent difficulties in adapting to the diverse composition and variability of waste gases, posing additional challenges to effective management.

The Innovation: eXEROTM Technology - Creating Value from Waste Gases

Utility Global's groundbreaking eXEROTM technology platform advances waste gas management from simple containment or combustion to molecular conversion in a new way. A better way. eXEROTM, at its core, is a revolutionary approach to electrolysis that utilizes the inherent energy present within waste gases to produce valuable outputs, such as hydrogen. Unlike traditional electrolysis methods, this new way eliminates the need for renewable electricity. The compact and robust eXEROTM technology not only simplifies the conversion process but also ensures that output is high-purity and remarkably sustainable.

“eXEROTM technology is based on electrolysis, but doesn’t use electricity. It is the convergence of the best parts of different technologies into a new technology in its own product category needed to make energy transition happen.”

— Claus Nussgruber, Utility Global Chief Executive Officer and President


Real-World Applications

Utility Global's eXEROTM technology isn't just a theoretical innovation—it's making waves in hard-to-abate industries. One notable example is its application in steelmaking. By converting waste gases from blast furnaces used in steel production into sustainable hydrogen and syngas, eXEROTM technology significantly reduces the industry's carbon footprint. This real-world application not only enhances efficiency in steel production but also showcases the technology's pivotal role in creating a more sustainable future by reducing emissions and producing low carbon intensity hydrogen.

Solid Oxide Cells: The Heart of eXEROTM Technology

At the core of Utility Global's eXEROTM technology lie solid oxide cells, the driving force behind this groundbreaking innovation. These cells play a vital role in the waste gas conversion process, ensuring high efficiency and purity. Utility Global's recent installation of a ceramic extruder at its Advanced Technology Center signifies a leap forward in SOC manufacturing at scale. This technology allows for rapid production of ceramic cells, showcasing Utility Global's commitment to advancing the capabilities of solid oxide cells in waste gas management.

Advanced Technology Center: A Hub of Innovation

The recent developments at Utility Global's Advanced Technology Center underline the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of solid oxide cell technology. The installation and testing of the 40-tonne ram extruder, coupled with ongoing efforts to develop new chemistries and reactor designs, illustrate Utility Global's proactive approach. By combining fundamental science, process development and numerical simulations under one roof, the Center accelerates the translation of innovative ideas into practical, scalable solutions.

Impact on Energy Transition

The impact of the eXEROTM technology platform on the energy transition cannot be overstated. By eliminating the need for renewable electricity, simplifying processes and enhancing efficiency, Utility Global's innovation directly aligns with the broader goals of reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainability. This alignment underscores Utility Global's pivotal role in driving the energy transition forward, making it a thought leader and emerging category king in the waste gas management domain.

Transforming Waste Gas Management: A Sustainable Future Unleashed

Utility Global's eXEROTM technology represents a seismic shift in waste gas management. By harnessing the inherent energy within waste gases and leveraging advanced solid oxide cells, Utility Global has redefined the landscape of sustainability in industries traditionally deemed hard to abate. The Advanced Technology Center's continuous innovation in solid oxide cell technology cements Utility Global's status as a pioneering force in the energy transition, creating a future where waste gas management is not just a requirement but a business advantage.

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