Utility Global CFO, Greg Heinlein, Participates in Bank of America Investor's Conference

Mar 1, 2024

Utility Global VP and CFO, Greg Heinlein, recently participated in a discussion with fellow panelists at the Bank of America Investor's Conference. Knowing hydrogen must play a role in the energy transition, panelists from government and industry shared their perspectives on how to foster hydrogen investments in the ground.

Notable takeaways included:

  • A mature hydrogen industry and robust market are crucial for accelerating the energy transition.
  • Challenges include lowering renewable hydrogen costs through large-scale production and expanding the market beyond existing customers.
  • Initiatives like the DOE’s Regional Hydrogen Hubs program and a newly announced demand-side support mechanism in the U.S. aim to address these challenges with potential funding of up to $1 billion.
The panelists agreed that while there's no single solution to accelerating the energy transition, a strong hydrogen market is a significant driver. Through investment, policy and community support, progress toward a hydrogen-powered future can be achieved collaboratively.