Utility Global To Present at Hydrogen Americas Summit 2023

Sep 25, 2023

CEO of revolutionary low carbon intensity hydrogen technology company to discuss the best options for decarbonizing industrial sectors with hydrogen applications 

Claus Nussgruber, chief executive officer for Utility Global, will discuss “Decarbonizing Hard to Abate Sectors through Hydrogen Applications” at 4:45PM EST on October 2, 2023.  

Mr. Nussgruber and the panel of experts will discuss how the key industrial sectors of cement, steel, petrochemicals, transport, mining (and others) can benefit from low carbon intensity hydrogen applications. The panel will also explore case studies of heavy industry hydrogen use for decarbonization and the exciting new technologies that are making ultra-clean hydrogen a mainstream solution. 

“Attempts to scale electrolysis with its huge renewable energy requirements or re-engineer existing hydrocarbon-based hydrogen processes is force-fitting current technologies to significantly changed requirements,” stated Nussgruber. “A successful energy transition requires new technology solutions tailored for a low carbon reality.”